Who is Club Mondain

Club Mondain is the Go-To for companies and their associates to create vitality programs and to start a culture of inspiration. Club Mondain is born in Amsterdam and as its name does expect - is a company that provides worldwide services. We work from our values Partnerschip, Connection and Excitement. Click hear


Club Mondain is an expert in coaching people to create a healthy lifestyle wherever they are. Club Mondain implements these programs mostly in international organizations. Although we are specialized in companies where commuting or international travel is part of the job; We are supporting anyone with our programs who has high ambitions and wants to achieve them through taking care of their body and mind.



Get the tools to go from busyness to impact and efficiteness through taking care of your body and mind. Create that foundation that will help you to create your own Space for a Healthy Lifestyle.

We can create any workshop in the field of vitality and have 2 signature workshops that are applicable in almost every company. 

Find them here. 

Panel Sessions

Club Mondains' expert-partners come and talk with your associates to light the fire on specific subjects. Can be about busyness, healthhacks, burnout and mindfulness. We will use our expertise to make this 2 hours event one that will ignite the positive dialogue within your company on energy and maintaining it.

Vitality Plans & Employees' health benefit plans

Club Mondain provides Blueprints for Vitality Plans to create a culture of health, vitality and inspiration. We create these programs in collaboration and executes these in the most practical way. 

The goal of the vitality plan is to activate and inspire your associates to take care of their mental and physical health.

We do this in a fun and light way with several planned activities during the year, quarter or month.

Club Mondain organizes the inventarisation of the needs within the organization to the planning, individual registrations and regular updates on the activities and outcomes.  

We work for smaller and international companies to create that healthy connection. Work with us? Click here