Working internationally & remote - including from home

Club Mondain is leader in empowering teams and individuals to work remote and staying healthy.

Mondain stands for worldly, for ‘’looking beyond your own culture and concepts’’ to create and maintain a healthy lifestyle, wherever you are in the world. To adapt your habits to your goals, grow your focus and mutually learn from other professionals and other cultures. Culture, meaning from other countries, cities, industries & markets but also much narrow than that; colleagues - friends - family and relatives.


Human Performance

With our existing online and remote programs, remote coaching of individuals and the workshops we give, we focus on human performance.

This means that we focus on normalizing self care within professional organizations - for the long term. As we are all impacted right now by the consequences of the global COVID-19 outbreak and many of us are required to work from home. Especially during full working days, maintaining a healthy lifestyle is key for optimal performance and a balanced mindset. Working from home, similar to working from airports and hotel rooms, has a whole new set of challenges!  For more information click here to visit the dedicated Club Mondain HUB website.

Where and how to connect

- For our professionals working from home, go to our dedicated Club Mondain HUB website now to find out more

- To prepare yourself or professionals for working internationally again - blending travel and working from home -  contact us here for our corporate programs.

- To keep yourself updated on tips and tricks working remote, click here